Stoddards provide oil tank delivery

Here at Stoddards we have over 50 years experience in delivering heating oil. We are a family business and that means this knowledge and expertise has been handed down through 3 generations. Stoddards may be well known for delivering fuel. However, not everybody is aware of the range of services that we provide. These include oil tank delivery and we are also Envirostore stockists.

Part of being good at what we do is not just local knowledge and understanding the fuel business. It is importantly knowing what to look for in a tank. Therefore our experienced drivers will always check and assess your oil tank’s safety before making a delivery.

It may seem obvious to some however if you are new to having heating oil or perhaps you have not had the time to look into this before a damaged tank may not be apparent. Therefore we’ve put together a helpful guide. Our guide will show you signs to look out for that your tank needs replacing. Poor tank maintenance can affect the quality of your fuel due to water ingress, read why here.

If you are still unsure and would like a professional opinion, it is for this reason that we offer a FREE OIL TANK HEALTH CHECK survey.

One of our experienced members of staff can call to check your tank and provide peace of mind your oil tank is safe and fit for use.  

If you did order your new tank with us we would be able to help to arrange fitting with one of our recommended engineers after delivery. See our range of Envirostore tanks here. This is all part of the service that Stoddards can offer as well as oil tank delivery. 

Is your heating oil tank damaged and in need of replacing?

  • Damage to the tank support and base. Tanks need to be on a level surface, any unevenness can create weak points in your tank from the pressure of the fuel.
  • Die back of surrounding vegetation, This is an indication of a leak contaminating the surrounding soil and poisoning plants in the area.
  • Regularly check joints and general condition of filters, valves and pipework for signs of leaks or corrosion.
  • Ensure the fuel gauge is working correctly and that the valve is closed.
  • Keep the tank clear of over growing shrubs and trees that could mask damage to the tank
  • If the tank is within a bund ensure this is kept clear of debris
Cracked plastic oil tank
Cracks can form around edges of plastic tanks


Furthermore some tank issues are specific to the type of tank that you have. Previously the primary type of tank stocked by Stoddards and delivered were steel. In contrast, plastic bunded tank are the choice that many people are now switching to . Read more about the range of Envirostore oil tanks that we stock here

Damage to look for on Steel tanks:

  • Rust and corrosion
  • Oil dampness on joints
Cracked plastic oil tank and fuel gauge
Cracked plastic tank

Damage to look for on plastic fuel tanks:

  • Cracks and splits
  • Bulging and whitening
Cracked plastic tank
Cracked plastic tank

In conclusion, we hope that you have found this brief guide helpful. Alternatively, if you have any questions about your oil tank, to order a new oil tank or to arrange a FREE oil tank health check survey get in touch on 01538 755354 or email [email protected]

In addition you can also check our Facebook Shop for our full list of Envirostore tanks. We offer oil tank delivery as a standard service and indeed are always happy to help. We serve villages and towns around Staffordshire, Cheshire, Derbyshire and Shropshire. From Market Drayton, Sandbach and Burton to Rugeley and Bakewell.

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