Heating Oil Storage Regulations You Should Know

By January 14, 2020Blog

Whether it’s for home, your commercial business or for agriculture use, anyone storing oil in a container with a capacity of more than 200 litres must follow UK oil storage regulations to ensure the safety of surrounding homes and wildlife. Regulations depend on the size, type of container and the fuel you wish to store in them.

In the UK, control of pollution (oil storage) regulations set out the guidelines for storing your commercial heating oil. These fall on the person responsible for the property or premises, for example the homeowner, business owner or site manager. Failing to comply with these regulations can result in fines and even legal action.

Under UK regulations, an oil tank is considered domestic if it has a capacity of 3,500 litres and under and the fuel tanks primary use isn’t for commercial purposes.

Do I need a bunded Oil Tank?

All non-domestic oil storage tanks over 200 litres are required to be bunded.

Bunded oil tanks are a legal requirement at most domestic installations, where sighting of the tank requires it according to OFTEC’s requirements.

To understand whether your home needs a bunded oil tank, it can be helpful to have an oil storage risk assessment carried out by OFTEC (form TI/133D). This can help you to be sure that you have the right oil storage solution for your property.

Although it can vary depending on the location, bunded oil tanks are usually required for homes in certain circumstances.

You need a bunded oil tank if your tank:

  • Has a capacity of more than 2500 litres.

  • Is located near an open drain or loose fitting manhole.

  • Is within 10m of controlled water such as a river, stream etc.

  • Is located where any spillage could travel over hard ground to reach controlled water.

  • Is located within 50m of a borehole, spring or well.

  • If the tank vent is not visible from the fill point. (Such as an extended fill point)

  • Will be used for a building other than a single family dwelling.

  • Have any other unique hazards to your site.

Contact Stoddards today if you require more information on any of your home, commercial or agricultural fuel needs such as whether you need a bunded tank or where the best place for an oil storage tank is on your premises.



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