The Advantages of Using a Fuel and Gas Supplier

By September 30, 2019Blog

Getting fuel delivered is necessary for a variety of reasons, and you’ll be thankful to know there are a range  of options to suit your lifestyle. Whether you use fuel or gas for indoor applications (such as cooking or portable gas heaters) or outdoors (for anything ranging from barbecues, patio gas heaters, camping gas stoves or a caravan), using the services of a gas supplier gives you the benefits of liquid petroleum gas – wherever you are. With this in mind, below we will outline some of the main benefits of using a fuel and gas supply service.

Online services

If you have access to the internet, you’ll be happy to know that the majority of fuel suppliers will have their own website in which you can directly order fuel as well as a check to see if you are eligible for delivery. All of this makes checking your bills, ordering refills, and making payments simple. You don’t have to wait for the local shop to open to purchase your gas or or any other types of fuel. You can make an order online and you’ll have a company representative at your door ready to replace your gas tank in no time at all.

Delivery services

Perhaps the most obvious, for various reasons, people may not want to drive a vehicle around at certain times of the day due to traffic, which in most parts of the country can get highly congested. Not to mention the fact that no one wants to be stuck for long periods on their way to get fuel. The most convenient part of using an energy supplier is that they offer you a delivery service. All you need to do is,go online,  access your account and then you can order gas, it really is that simple! This will allow you to get gas ordered to your home as soon as possible.

Emergency delivery services

Dealing with an energy supplier who has an emergency delivery service is ideal for anyone who has concerns regarding being caught short in a situation without gas. This is particularly relevant if you live in a rural area with difficult access or do not have transportation yourself.

A good fuel supplier will have a varied fleet of tankers able to handle all kinds of weather and road conditions and restricted access will not be a problem. on-site storage capabilities allow them to act fast.

Whether for your home or business, here at Stoddards we stock and deliver a range of butane and propane bottled gas throughout Cheadle, Stoke-on-Trent and Staffordshire. We proudly offer an efficient and reliable service, tailoring our butane and propane bottled gas deliveries to suit your requirements. For more information regarding our services, contact us directly – we’re always happy to help.



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